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“I feel luxurious and pampered using the Whipped Body Butter Blend! The comforting Au Naturel’s aroma is like warm, melted, chocolate, fudge. Lavender-Grapefruit is a burst of fun, uplifting, replenishing body butter. I enjoy rubbing the invigorating, Eucalyptus-Lemongrass for achey muscles. One more thing. It can be used on the hair, too! It’s organic, pure and great for people who avoid chemicals. Two snaps in a circle for me. OMG, these would be great gifts.” ~Rainbow  Santa Fe, NM

“I LOVE the butter, it is soo lovely! It smells wonderful and really does the trick- right now its 5° and my hands and feet are soo cracked and so dry! Thanks again – i will be def ordering some goodies from u in the near future! Xo”  –M. McLaughlin, New Jersey

“OMG! I received the Lavender & Grapefruit Whipped Body Butter and it’s awesome! The feel of is is super soft, yet not greasy and I  love the way it smells. I especially love the texture of the product. It literally melts into your skin!” –DM. Johnson, North Carolina

“You have saved my skin!!! Thanks!”- M. Woodul, New Mexico

“Seriously, I’ve used numerous brands especially in the winter when it’s so dry and yours is the BEST!!”  –K. Barnett, New Mexico

“I thought I was going to sample some cream from a nationally known company. The “sample” was a jar of the most amazing skin cream I’ve used. Then, I realized it’s not nationally known–Yet!! You are very talented. Thank -you.” – D. Thomas, New Mexico

I agree.. I picked mine up at the post office and I opened it and couldn’t resist putting it on my hands right then and there.” – K. Sanchez, Oklahoma

I must say I am 100% on this it’s been two days and I am in love amazing job.”- C. Avalos, California

It is the best I LOVE the way it works right into my skin and then softens it so quickly. With our cold weather right now it’s a God send, thank you so much for my jar Jaz I truly love it.”- B. Rogers, Texas

“I’m loving it so far!!!! And it smells amazing!”- R. Hobbs, New Mexico

“We got our lotion and I used [it] this morning.  Loved it.  Even used it for the baby after her bath.  Thanks so much!!”-  K. Amezcua, New Mexico

Seriously, EVERY time I put my lotion on I want to call you and tell you how awesome it is! Thanks, girl!”  -J. Merrill, New Mexico

“I just got back fro Hawaii and found my Whipped Body Butter Blend!  I love it!  It has already helped my very dry hands and cuticles.  It is easy to put on and blends into my skin well.”- C Rossberg, Texas

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Whipped all-in-one Body Butter Blend
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