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Are you Whipped?

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“I thought I was going to sample some cream from a nationally known company. The “sample” was a jar of the most amazing skin cream I’ve used. Then, I realized it’s not nationally known–Yet!! You are very talented. Thank -you.” – D. Thomas, New Mexico

I agree.. I picked mine up at the post office and I opened it and couldn’t resist putting it on my hands right then and there.” – K. Sanchez, Oklahoma

I must say I am 100% on this it’s been two days and I am in love amazing job.”- C. Avalos, California

It is the best I LOVE the way it works right into my skin and then softens it so quickly. With our cold weather right now it’s a God send, thank you so much for my jar Jaz I truly love it.”- B. Rogers, Texas

“I’m loving it so far!!!! And it smells amazing!”- R. Hobbs, New Mexico

“We got our lotion and I used [it] this morning.  Loved it.  Even used it for the baby after her bath.  Thanks so much!!”-  K. Amezcua, New Mexico

Seriously, EVERY time I put my lotion on I want to call you and tell you how awesome it is! Thanks, girl!”  -J. Merrill, New Mexico

“I just got back fro Hawaii and found my Whipped Body Butter Blend!  I love it!  It has already helped my very dry hands and cuticles.  It is easy to put on and blends into my skin well.”- C Rossberg, Texas

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  • I just want to say that I am “whipped” for sure! I love the texture of this cream and how it soaks into your skin leaving it moisturized for days…. and I live in the dry mountain air! The smell is amazing and I just feel good when I put it on, like I am really caring for my body. This stuff is amazing. Give it a try and you will be “whipped” too! 😉

  • I am whipped!! I live in a dry climate and have used olive oil on my skin for years but no more! Whipped provides my skin with more moisture and it stays moist longer.

  • My daughter gave me a wonderful jar of Whipped for Christmas, and I love it. I am sure I will be ordering more soon and giving as gifts myself. Such a nice, smooth,silky feel to it. Thanks.

  • Whipped is hands down THE BEST body butter/lotion I have ever tried. I am truly addicted to this fabulous product! There are so many reasons why I love it and countless uses for it. It all natural. Free of parabens, chemicals and all the other toxic crap that is in most of our skin care products today. It is highly moisturizing and nourishing, goes on smooth, makes skin super soft and has a delicious scent. It is excellent for dry skin, sensitive skin and even babies. I used it daily throughout my pregnancy on my stomach and I did not get one single stretch mark! Its also perfect for eczema, diaper rash, hair care, as a massage lotion, and as a cuticle oil. I can’t get enough of this stuff! You have to try it!

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