Body Butter Blend


Welcome to Whipped!!!!

It’s a lotion, body butter, body oil, hair conditioner, shaving cream, sun protector, massage oil, burn care & ointment* all whipped together!!  Whipped™ Body Butter Blend is the answer to your skin (and hair!!!)’s prayers!!  For more information on Whipped™, please check out About Whipped™ and the Ingredients page.  Tried it and love it?  I would LOVE to hear from you!  Leave a testimonial or contact me direct on our Contact page.

To find a store nearest you that carries Whipped™ please see the Where to Buy page or simply Shop here! FREE USPS SHIPPING ON ORDERS OF $50.00 or more!!!

* Whipped™ Body Butter Blend has not been medically proven or approved by the FDA to treat any medical conditions or to protect skin from the sun.  All information shared is from personal experiences or shared personal experiences.  If rash or irritation occurs discontinue use and seek medical help if condition worsens.