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Never have dry skin again. Seriously.

Whipped all-in-one Body Butter Blend is dry, sensitive skin’s new best friend!

In three varieties:

Eucalyptus & Lemongrass         Lavender & Grapefruit        Au Naturel (Cocoa Butter)

whipped body butter blend lavender & grapefruit small jar


whipped body butter blend medium jar
whipped body butter blend lavender & grapefruit large jar


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Created in search of a body cream that penetrates and protects, Whipped™ combines a precise amount of pure and organic ingredients that are gentle and thus extremely versatile. Lightly scented with 100% essential oils, Whipped Body Butter Blend leaves you feeling refreshed & your skin feeling like it never has before.Whipped Body Butter Blend is the answer to your skin (and hair!!!)’s prayers!!

Common Uses of Whipped Body Butter Blend:

• Dry skin (See below) • Itch relief*
• Eczema, rashes, diaper rash & burn care* • Razor burn treatment/prevention
• Sunscreen* • Scar, stretch mark & tattoo care
• Massage oil • Face & shaving cream
• Hair conditioner • Make-up remover

What people are saying about Whipped™:

“I LOVE the butter, it is soo lovely! It smells wonderful and really does the trick- right now its 5° and my hands and feet are soo cracked and so dry!” -ML, NJ

“Seriously, I’ve used numerous brands especially in the winter when it’s so dry and yours is the BEST!!”- KB, NM

It is the best I LOVE the way it works right into my skin and then softens it so quickly. With our cold weather right now it’s a God send, I truly love it.”- BR, TX

“I feel luxurious and pampered using the Whipped Body Butter Blend! The comforting Au Naturel’s aroma is like warm, melted, chocolate, fudge. Lavender-Grapefruit is a burst of fun, uplifting, replenishing body butter. I enjoy rubbing the invigorating, Eucalyptus-Lemongrass for achey muscles. One more thing. It can be used on the hair, too! It’s organic, pure and great for people who avoid chemicals. Two snaps in a circle for me. OMG, these would be great gifts.” Rainbow, NM


For all over body application and best absorption, apply Whipped™ immediately after showering or bathing. While skin is still slightly damp, scoop a small amount of Whipped™ into your hands and rub together to create a “whipped oil” effect. Apply to desired/affected area, more liberal where dry, and rub into skin. Let body butter absorb for 5-10 minutes before getting dressed (oil based product might stain clothes). Do this 5-7 times a week until skin starts to maintain its own moisture and taper down to 3-5 times a week or as needed.

* Whipped™ Body Butter Blend has not been medically proven or tested/approved by the FDA to treat any medical conditions or to protect skin from the sun.   Ingredient medically backed research and personal shared testimonies supports the SUGGESTED used of Whipped Body Butter Blend.   Results may vary.  If rash or irritation occurs discontinue use and seek medical help if condition worsens.

Note:  We do our best to keep body butter cold so that it is still beautifully Whipped when it reaches you. If body butter gets too hot, it will melt separate just like regular table butter.  If this happens, simply shake jar well and put in the refrigerator/freezer to re-harden.  This will bring it back to its creamy life!


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